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Container Tracking System

In my first post I will tell you about our Container Tracking System

This software is designed specially for websites of freight forwarding and logistics companies. By using it you - and your clients, which is even more important - will have an opportunity to track and trace the location of specific container, determine the port and time spent in port of congestion. Let me show you how convenient and easy it is.

Container Tracking at work

As you can see on the screenshot, Container Tracking is provided with a map and a small table in the top right corner. To find out where your cargo is, you have to choose the shipping line and specify the container number.
There are eleven lines available for you to choose, including such companies as Maersk, ZIM, CMA CGM etc.

After you've filled these two fields, click on the GO! button and you'll find out the following information:
1) ports of loading and discharging;
2) container route;
3) route direction;
4) current container position;
5) transit time.

In the situation given you can see that the container is delivered from Ningbo (China) to Odessa (Ukraine). Its route is shown by the orange line. The red dot in a red circle shows its current position (Aegean Sea) and another dot shows the route direction. The transit time is a figure is displayed on a small green foursquare. 

As you can see, using Container Tracking is not that difficult. But simplicity is not the only advantage of this system. When visiting a website with container tracking, the client gets an opportunity to complete the request and establish new business ties, which is extremely important in such business as freight forwarding. 

If this software captures your interest, please visit  SeaRates.com.

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